Dam Engineering & Inspection

Environmental Resolutions Inc.’s (ERI) team of professional engineers, experts in the field of dam engineering design and inspection, work with municipal, institutional and private clients to address dam management and safety issues ranging from regulatory compliance to dam repair and operation.

ERI professionals are knowledgeable in the most recent New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Bureau of Dam Safety regulations and design criteria.  We are proficient in NJDEP Freshwater Wetlands and Flood Hazard Area regulations and how they relate to dam rehabilitation projects. Our engineers have also worked closely with the Bureau of Dam Safety and understand the nuances of preparing and acquiring Dam Safety permits.

ERI professionals provide services such as:

  • Performing NJDEP Bureau of Dam Safety certified inspections
  • Preparing detailed inspection reports
  • Preparing Operation and Maintenance manuals
  • Preparing emergency action plans and dam rehabilitation designs
  • Inspecting dam repair construction projects

Highlighted Projects