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About Us

Environmental Resolutions, Inc. (ERI) was formed in 1990 to service environmental, municipal, and other public-sector clients.

Since its establishment, ERI has concentrated on assisting clients to succeed in meeting their environmental, engineering, design and land use planning goals. We are proud of our reputation for delivering environmentally conscious and cost-effective projects that bring lasting value to our clients.

Our firm’s philosophy is that each project is unique and presents an opportunity to create a more rewarding and sustainable environment. However, at ERI environmental quality is not just about protecting and improving natural resources, it’s also about planning for the comfort, safety and overall health of our communities and neighborhoods.

ERI performs municipal engineering and planning and design services for numerous municipalities, utility agencies, planning and zoning boards, environmental commissions, and public works departments. Typical services include comprehensive reviews of development applications, design and preparation of specifications for municipal infrastructure projects, preparation of applications for loans and grants, and construction observation to guarantee projects are completed in accordance with sound engineering principles.