Our Story

Environmental Resolutions, Inc. (ERI) was formed in 1990 with five (5) employees and a three (3) person Board of Directors and was established primarily to service environmental, municipal, and public sector clients.

ERI has a rich history of providing engineering, planning and environmental and surveying services to our clients throughout Central and Southern New Jersey.  ERI’s staff of professionals includes civil, environmental and soil engineers, community planners, hydrogeologists, construction inspectors, landscape architects and design support personnel.

ERI has many local, regional, and statewide clients.  Many of our original clients are still with us, which is a testament to our superior service, dedication to quality and strong client relationships.  ERI is dedicated to providing quality service to our loyal clients while continuing to develop relationships with new clients as our company grows.

Our Philosophy

Environmental Resolutions, Inc’s. (ERI) philosophy is that each project is unique and presents an opportunity to create a more rewarding and sustainable environment.  At ERI, environmental quality is not just about protecting and improving natural resources, but also about planning for the comfort, safety and overall health of our communities and neighborhoods.

Diversity and Inclusion

Environmental Resolutions, Inc. (ERI) strives to build an inclusive workplace that supports our staff through the company culture, team and leadership representation, and nurturing diverse talent.   Each project is driven by our team’s unique perspective and experiences.