New Municipal Building and Public Library, Medford Township, NJ

New Municipal Building and Public Library, Medford Township, NJ

Summary of Services:

Topographic Survey
Site Survey
Environmental Investigation
Wetlands Delineation
Engineering Design
Bidding Services
Contract Administration
Construction Inspection


Environmental Resolutions, Inc. (ERI) provided survey and site engineering design services for the new Municipal Building and Public Library on Union Street in Medford Township, Burlington County. ERI  provided site design, including parking lot layout, site lighting,  landscaping, brick pavers, sanitary sewer design, and stormwater  management design. ERI also obtained the necessary permits from the  Pinelands Commission and Burlington County Soil Conservation District.  

Required surveying and soil testing were performed for this project to determine  the best location for all site improvements, including location for the  Municipal Building. The site work was designed keeping with the  historic look of downtown Medford, including the proposed sidewalks, signs,  and the site brick work. The site was designed with barrier-free accessibility,  from Union Street to the front door, and sidewalks and accessible ramps  throughout the site have been designed in accordance with ADA  requirements. Drainage calculations were completed, and the storm system  was modeled to meet all Pinelands and State regulations. Engineering plans  and specifications were prepared and the necessary permits received.  

ERI recommended an Environmental Site Investigation and worked with a  subconsultant to perform a geophysical survey to identify underground storage  tanks or other subsurface features. In addition, ERI collected soil samples to  check for TCL SVOC, arsenic and lead. ERI conducted an investigation of the  property for Historically Applied Pesticides based on previous agricultural use of  the property and confirmed no pesticides were identified, eliminating the need  for expensive remediation.  

ERI provided engineering oversight and inspection of all site work for the  on-going construction phase of the project. ERI is also supporting the  landscape installation, which was designed specifically for ease of  maintenance and to be Pinelands-friendly. Along with engineering  oversight/inspection, ERI staff attended any required meetings with the  County, Township, construction management firm, and contractor.