Medford Bicycle Network, Medford, NJ

Medford Bicycle Network, Medford, NJ

Summary of Services:

  • Grant Acquisition and Management
  • Engineering Design
  • Plans and Specifications
  • Bidding
  • Construction Management and Inspection

Environmental Resolutions, Inc. (ERI) was part of the team of Township representatives responsible for acquiring a Federal TEA-21 grant to connect the Village of Medford with the southern suburban areas of the Township by means of a bicycle network.  The bicycle network runs along busy County Routes (Himmelein and Taunton Roads) utilizing striped and signed bike lanes and through a Township–owned Green Acres property by means of an asphalt bicycle path.  Due to the nature of the funding, extensive environmental assessments were performed under NEPA for wetlands, archeology, endangered species and historical issues, in order to gain approval of the Categorical Exclusion Document (CED) for the FHWA and from the Pinelands Commission.  ERI provided engineering design and prepared plans and specifications for public bidding purposes. 

As Medford Township did not utilize Federal funds for the construction inspection and management of the project, ERI personnel were able to perform those duties on the project.  Source documentation was collected by a full-time inspector during construction of the off-road path and the widening of the roadway and striping operations on three (3) County roadways.

Construction was completed in the Summer of 2018, and project closeout procedures was complete shortly thereafter.