Lumberton Sanitary Landfill Sampling, Lumberton Township, NJ

Lumberton Sanitary Landfill Sampling, Lumberton Township, NJ

Summary of Services:

  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Quarterly and Annual Reporting to NJDEP

ERI has provided environmental sampling and monitoring services including annual ground water sampling and quarterly methane monitoring activities since 2018.

Environmental Resolutions, Inc retains the services of a new Jersey Certified Laboratory (lab) to collect ground water samples from monitoring wells MW through MW 6. The wells are sampled utilizing low flow techniques, per the NJDEP Field Sampling Procedures Manual.

Following all requirements for proper storage and chain custody documentation, all ground water samples and delivered to the laboratory for analysis. The samples are analyzed for contaminants consistent with the requirements set forth by the NJDEP for the landfill. The results are submitted to the NJDEP via Monitoring Well Reports.

ERI also collects two (2) surface water samples from the South Branch of the Rancocas Creek, one upstream and one downstream, which are analyzed in the field for pH and temperature.

In addition, Quarterly Methane Monitoring and Reports are prepared based on methane samples from existing soil gas probes along the perimeter of the landfill.