Land Use Planning

Based on expert analysis and research, Environmental Resolutions, Inc.’s (ERI) professional planners create land use planning concepts that provide a vital balance of land development and natural resource protection for generations to come.  ERI planners collaborate with you and your stakeholders to create the most efficient use of local and regional resources in redevelopment, recreation, streetscape, affordable housing, master and master reexamination plans. 

ERI planners are proficient in the Municipal Land Use Law and the Local Redevelopment and Housing Law, as well as all planning aspects related to those laws.  In addition, our professionals have a comprehensive understanding of state regulatory agency rules and regulations as they pertain to a wide-range of planning initiatives.

Some of the planning-related services that ERI can provide for you include:

  • Planning & Zoning Board reviews of Site and Subdivision Plans and Bulk and Use Variances
  • Redevelopment Planning
  • Recreation Planning
  • Master Plans and Updates
  • Streetscape Planning
  • Affordable Housing Planning
  • Community Development Block Grants
  • Prequalified NJDOT Non-Real Estate Specialist for Environmental and Planning

Highlighted Projects