Landscape Architecture

Environmental Resolutions, Inc. (ERI) has extensive experience in providing landscape architecture services to our clients.  ERI staff has exceptional knowledge and expertise in land design and construction, performing site analysis, planning, and integrating the detailed design elements that ensure a project’s success.

Each project begins with client consultation in order to thoroughly understand their needs and budget. Once the client’s needs and goals are established, ERI staff engages in a thorough analysis of existing site features in order to identify constraints as well as opportunities that may affect the client’s goal.  Client consultation is ongoing during the preliminary analysis to ensure a thorough understanding of design opportunities and constraints.

ERI offers a complete package of landscape architectural services, ranging from feasibility studies to construction management.  Our broad expertise ranges from creating master plans for school expansions and park planning to detailed design of individual site components.  Specific services include the design of parks, landscape design, regional trails and paths, active and passive recreation facilities, athletic field development and/or restoration, streetscapes, reforestation programs, stream bank stabilization, and green infrastructure.  Through its design expertise and environmental sensitivity, ERI delivers a product that is unique in its response to client needs and its context.

Landscape Architecture services include:

  • Site Analysis
  • Conceptual Design
  • Landscape Architectural Site Design
  • Land Planning
  • Landscape Inspections
  • Green Infrastructure Design
  • Grading Design
  • Landscape Planting Design
  • Planning/Zoning Board Consulting
  • Construction Plans Specifications and Details
  • Permitting
  • Cost estimates
  • Construction Management and Administration