Good Intent/Lower Landing Road (CR 681) Roadway Improvements, Gloucester Township, NJ

Good Intent/Lower Landing Road (CR 681) Roadway Improvements, Gloucester Township, NJ


  • Construction Management
  • Construction Inspection
  • Federally-funded
  • DBE Utilization and Tracking
  • Traffic Control Detours


Environmental Resolutions, Inc. was engaged by the County of Camden Department of Engineering to perform construction management and inspection duties for this Federally-funded project.  ERI provided a Resident Engineer and Lead Inspector (NICET III) in accordance with Federal regulations.

The work performed under this contract consisted of HMA milling, 3” or less followed by construction of HMA 9.5M64 surface course, 2” thick; full depth reclamation (FDR) 14” thick with soil cement base course, HMA 19M64 base course, 3” Thick and HMA 9.5M64 top course, 2” Thick, construction of concrete curb, handicap ramps, concrete sidewalk, installation of new inlets, replacement of existing CMP storm sewer with new RCP or DIP, reconstruction of inlets and manholes with new castings, Striping and Regulatory Signs, Raised Pavement Markers, construction of HMA and concrete driveways and all appurtenant work, complete.

Full-time inspections included but were not limited to: the collection of source documentation, measurement of pay items, tracking item quantities, ensuring submittal compliance, ensuring ADA compliance, collection of “Buy America” certifications, observing materials tests, conducting wage rate inspections and preparing punchlists.

Contract management duties included but were not limited to: attending all project and site meetings, maintaining good communications with residents, police, officials and the Responsible Charge, tracking project schedule and contractor’s Civil Rights goals, preparing pay estimates and change orders and completing all project closeout tasks.