Filter Rehabilitation and Meter Replacement Project, Burlington City

Filter Rehabilitation and Meter Replacement Project, Burlington City

Summary of Services:

  • Compliance
  • Survey
  • Engineering Design
  • Permitting
  • NJEIT Loan Application Assistance
  • Plans and Specifications

Environmental Resolutions, Inc. has completed a project for the City of Burlington’s Water Department involving the rehabilitation of the dual media filters at the City’s Water Treatment Plant (WTP). The purpose of the project serves to address numerous issues facing the City including compliance issues with their permit and unaccounted for water losses throughout the system.

The four (4) filters at the WTP and various associated meters were original to the Plant’s construction in 1980. The age of the filters coupled with the compliance issues facing the Plant were the main purpose behind rehabilitation of the filters. The original filters contained layers of gravel, sand, and anthracite layers and are Wheeler Bottom Underdrain Systems. The completed rehabilitation included the removal and replacement of all filter-media and the repair of the filter underdrain structure. In addition to the filter structures, each original venturi flow tube style flow meters that monitors each filter’s effluent were removed and replaced with magnetic flow meters. Minor proposed piping modifications to facilitate easier maintenance were also included with this portion of the project.

The City received funding for this project through a New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust (NJEIT) loan. ERI was responsible for assisting the City with completion of the NJEIT application and coordination with the NJEIT during construction, as well as for attendance at project meetings with the NJEIT, completion of all required reports, permitting enforcement, SED reporting recruitment for construction, and audits and payment disbursement requirements. This project is complete and helping to ensure the City of Burlington continues to deliver quality water to its residents.