Broad Street Traffic Calming Study, Borough of Palmyra, NJ

Broad Street Traffic Calming Study, Borough of Palmyra, NJ


  • Traffic Calming Study and Report to Address Pedestrian/Vehicle Intersection in Commercial District.

Environmental Resolutions, Inc., with the assistance of the Borough of Palmyra, NJDOT, Burlington County, and NJ Transit, created a report that describes both the existing conditions and potential traffic calming techniques for various areas along Broad Street in Palmyra.  The basic concept behind incorporating these traffic calming techniques in the future is to increase pedestrian safety on this busy and well-travelled vehicular road, where main street business, local government offices, residences and public transportation services are located, encouraging pedestrian travel and a high level of pedestrian/vehicle interaction.

The areas of interest that underwent study in this report were various intersections along Broad Street.  These “Study Areas” give details and characteristics of the area, identify problems, and give key recommendations such as:

  • Provide a ‘gateway’ treatment to provide a visual transition from a high speed roadway to a residential/commercial area.
  • Provide stamped asphalt/alternative pavement at intersections to create awareness of pedestrians and grab the attention of the driver.
  • Provide an alternative pavement flush contrasting-color median strip to create a visual narrowing of the street for the driver.  Medians and lanes should be tapered back to existing conditions at the signalized intersections.  The median should be  a textured surface such as stamped asphalt or pavers to provide a tactile feeling to the motorist indicating that they are no longer in the cartway.