Arney’s Mount Pedestrian & Horse Trail, Springfield NJ

Arney's Mount Pedestrian & Horse Trail, Springfield NJ

Summary of Services:
•Federal Grant & Project Management
•Construction Management & Inspection

Environmental Resolutions, Inc. (ERI) was engaged by Burlington County to perform construction management and construction inspection services for an FHWA-funded project for Phase I of the Arney’s Mount Trail in Springfield Township.

The project consisted of constructing a new trailhead access and 2.2-mile loop trail up and around Arney’s Mount, the highest point in Burlington County, with a breathtaking view across hundreds of acres of preserved farmland for mixed-use activities.  The trail begins at the intersection of Tower Drive and Juliustown Road (CR 669) and runs through County-owned preserved open space.  The off-road portions of the trail consist of a 10’ wide, asphalt and ASSHTO compliant path. The on-road segment includes bike compatible signage and striping plus an accessible paver sidewalk route.

Other major project components include:

  • Equestrian Trail – a parallel fescue turf trail to the asphalt pedestrian trail;
  • Trailhead – in addition to a launch point for trail users, the trailhead includes parking for cars and horse trailers, fencing, a picnic pavilion and appurtenant site furnishings;
  • Rest Stop – at a high point, a rest stop was constructed that includes landscaping and benches for trail users to enjoy the long views across the rolling farm fields.

All pedestrian and parking facilities were constructed in compliance with the ADA requirements in this challenging topography.

Being Federally funded, the contract administration required daily monitoring of environmental permit compliance, including major soil erosion and sediment measures that were a significant component of the work. ERI personnel were also responsible for tracking EEO and DBE compliance daily and weekly to keep the project on target for those assigned civil rights and environmental justice goals.