Water and Wastewater Engineering

water and wastewater services

Since its inception, Environmental Resolutions, Inc. (ERI) has provided its clients with water and wastewater solutions.  Our Water & Wastewater staff has over 150 years of combined experience in the field which is drawn upon daily to provide our clients with the best possible service. 

ERI has conducted numerous investigations of various aspects of existing collection systems and treatment facilities as well as studying and designing proposed systems and facilities.  We provide our clients with personal and custom tailored engineering services for any sized project.  In addition to professional engineers and planners, the ERI staff also consists of licensed water and wastewater operators giving an actual hands-on perspective to those systems.

ERI performs all monitoring, reporting, and maintenance of collection systems, maintains pumping stations, provides the cleaning and maintaining of the trash racks, site maintenance, operational adjustments, corrective and preventative maintenance, and all other required tasks under operational assistance.  System monitoring and reporting includes the recording of all pertinent flow summaries, electrical usage, and general system levels, and providing detailed reports on a monthly basis.  In addition to routine maintenance, ERI provides 24-hour emergency response.

ERI has worked with and is very familiar with regulatory agencies, their policies, and regulations,  In addition, ERI is very experienced with the NJDEP, USDA, and the NJEIT Fund, and we have successfully secured millions of dollars in loans/grants for our clients.

 Utility Engineering

Utility projects designed by ERI include the rehabilitation of wells, replacement of sanitary sewer mains, potable water wells and well houses, upgrades to existing pump stations, and instrumentation and control projects at sewage and water treatment plants.  We have performed the construction observation services necessary to ensure that the projects meet the specifications and deadlines required by the client.