Traffic Engineering

Environmental Resolutions, Inc. (ERI) understands the need to balance safety and mobility needs with adjoining land uses and the environment.  ERI has a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE) on staff, and our firm is very familiar with the Context Sensitive Solutions in Designing Major Environmental Urban Thoroughfares manual.

ERI has been involved with several different projects which incorporate the various degrees of context sensitive design solutions noted in the manual.  Examples of these projects include:

  •  Design of several projects which incorporate bike paths, bike lanes and recreational/walking paths/trails for various municipalities.  A recent example includes Brookside Park, the Borough of River Edge, NJ.  This project included the upgrade of existing facilities to include the design of an 8-foot wide meandering path with landscaping, grading and stormwater management, funded by Bergen County Trail Grant. An extension of the trail grant has recently been requested to extend the trail.
  • Design of a complete pedestrian link along Berlin Road between the PATCO/New Jersey Transit Station and Gibbsboro Road (County Rt. #686). The project is needed to define the redevelopment area and to link the Gibbsboro Road Apartment Corridor Redevelopment Project with the PATCO/NJ Transit Station planned for redevelopment into a Transit Village to form a central core area of the Borough of Lindenwold.  This project includes historic brick sidewalks, historic style lighting, with banners, planters, benches, and landscape improvements and was funded by SAFETEA LU program.
  • Design of Cooper and Franklin Streets in Edgewater Park, NJ, which included the expansion, landscaping, and upgrade of existing center islands, as well as providing landscaping, lighting, sidewalk and signage improvements in the right-of-way.
  • Design of signalized and non-signalized intersections which incorporate pedestrian crosswalks, islands, and pedestrian signal indications in various municipalities.
  • Analysis of existing problematic conditions in various municipalities that included traffic calming alternatives, speed studies, and alternatives to reduce speed limits, pavement markings, landscaping, lighting, and roadway modifications.