Roadway Design

Environmental Resolutions, Inc. (ERI) has prepared plans and specifications for  hundreds of miles of municipal and county roadways.  Roadway design projects begin with the preliminary investigation and analysis of existing roadway conditions, topographical field survey and base mapping, preliminary design for surface and subsurface improvements, providing preliminary construction cost estimates, and consultation with the client to determine the final design scope of work and costs.  Final steps are the completion of the final design of plans, preparation of project specifications, and advertisement of the project to solicit public bids.

Typical ERI projects include the reconstruction of roads, construction of new roads, drainage improvements to roadways, curbing, sidewalk, bike paths and bike lanes, as well as other capital roadway improvements.

ERI has also been very successful in obtaining grant money for roadway and drainage improvements for our clients such as NJDOT Local Aid, Centers of Place, Safe Streets to Roads and Schools, and TEA-21 funds, and administering those grants in accordance with funding agreements through the completion of the project.