GIS Services

Environmental Resolutions, Inc. (ERI) has Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technicians on staff, and our firm is experienced in providing a vast array of GIS services including:

GIS Needs Assessment

ERI staff meet with Municipal staff and assess the current hardware/software inventory and its ability to meet system requirements as prescribed by ESRI GIS.  ERI provides recommendations on system upgrades.

Initial Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Development

Construction of Municipal Geodatabases including pertinent GIS Data (Parcel Data, Tax Mapping, Utility Mapping, Flood Prone Areas, Zoning, Land Use, Soil Types, etc) and the use of 2007 (or most current available) Orthophotos geo-referenced to the New Jersey State Plane Coordinate System North American Datum of 1983 (NAD 83).  ERI incorporates existing paper and digital information of record into the construction of the database.

GIS System Topology & Database Management

ERI updates and manages existing databases, geo-referencing additional/new features in each data layer to their correct geographic location on the GIS base map, assigning unique identification numbers for use by municipal and private clients.

The GIS mapping database features polygon processing.  All data is quality checked for accuracy and standard FGDC compliant metadata files are provided as a reference.  ERI links data to the geo-referenced parcel data in a layered, polygon-process, color-coded format.

ERI personnel utilize the latest ArcGIS software equipment to perform these services. The result is a more accurate and economical product that can be produced in a timely fashion.