Current Projects

Click to view the projects that ERI has out for bid.

NOTE: ERI will not accept telephone, fax and/or email inquiries related to upcoming public bids requesting listings of planholders, bidders and/or Engineer’s estimates.  All available public information, prior to bid openings, will be posted on this page.

OPENING 4/9/20 AT 10:00 AM – Re-bid of the Supply of one (1) Rotary Sludge Press System, Medford Lakes Borough 24900 00

OPENING 4/21/20 AT 12:00 PM – Construction of the Croft Farm Dog Park, Cherry Hill Township re-bid  PLEASE NOTE: This bid opening date has been updated.  Addendum, proposal forms, instructions to bidders, specifications, and other bidding documents can be obtained from the Cherry Hill Township Purchasing Agent NOT Environmental Resolutions, Inc.   Click here to view information posted on the Cherry Hill Township website. 

OPENING 4/28/20 AT 11:00 AM – Medford Township Sewage Plant Improvements Project, Medford Township 25896 21