Trout Drive Drainage and Pedestrian Improvements and Roadway Resurfacing, Waterford Township, NJ

ERI performed permitting, contract administration and construction inspection for the 2018 Road Program, which was completed in May 2020.

Trout Drive is a double bulbed court that stems off of White Horse Pike Eastbound in Waterford Township.  Trout Drive is a low volume residential road that spans nearly 1000 linear feet and is densely populated with townhomes. Improvements to Trout Drive were considered a FY 2018 NJDOT Local Aid Project that was designed by an outside firm with ERI handling Construction Management Services after transitioning to the position of Township Engineer for Waterford.  The project has three main components: Drainage Improvements, Pedestrian Improvements, and Roadway Resurfacing.

The project began with drainage upgrades to both the conveyance of water off of the cartway as well as stormwater storage capacity.  The original design utilized a concrete swale connecting a sumped inlet with no outlet pipe to an existing inlet that ties into the proposed inlet crossing at Station 3+00.  Through logical deletes, reconfiguration of proposed structures, and negotiating with the contractor, ERI was able to implement best practices and drastically increase designed storage capacity and conveyance for no cost to Waterford Township.

Additionally, an existing asphalt swale at the dead of the court was deleted, and a new design was instituted.  Typically, swales on paved surfaces are made from concrete due to its relative resilience to water on asphalt.  In an effort to make the most durable road possible, ERI and the contractor decided to dig test holes to potentially add an inlet to pipe water that was getting conveyed by swale to the existing basin at the courts terminus.  ERI and the contractor were able to squeeze a pipe and inlet system with permissible cover and capacity between the existing utilities and delete the asphalt swale.  

ERI also decided it was best practice to raise the existing sewer manhole at the end of the court to establish a dominant crown that positively impacts drainage, minimizes cut/fill, and produces a thicker more durable road.  Conveyance was also improved for stormwater  by replacing any mispitched curb and gutter which is extremely important since there are few drainage structures for a large impervious area.

Pedestrian improvements for the project included the installation of two (2) ADA curb ramps adjacent to Trout Drive intersection with White Horse Pike as well as the replacement of some sidewalk and any “trippers” caused by grade changes at driveway aprons or at curb and gutter.