Filter Rehabilitation and Meter Replacement Project, Burlington City

Environmental Resolutions, Inc. is in the process of engineering a project for the City of Burlington’s Water Department involving three (3) components; the rehabilitation of various aspects of the City’s Water Treatment Plant (WTP); the replacement of all residential water meters throughout the City; and the installation of four (4) large flow meters at two sites in the City. The purpose of the project serves to address numerous issues facing the City including compliance issues with their permit and unaccounted for water losses throughout the system.

The four (4) existing filters at the WTP and various associated meters are original to the Plant’s construction in 1980. The age of the filters coupled with the compliance issues facing the Plant are the main purpose behind rehabilitation of the filters. The existing filters contain layers of gravel, sand, and anthracite layers and are Wheeler Bottom Underdrain Systems. Proposed rehabilitation includes the removal and replacement of all filter-media and the repair of the filter underdrain structure. In addition to the filter structures, each original venturi flow tube style flow meters that monitor each filter’s effluent are proposed to be removed and replaced with magnetic flow meters. Minor proposed piping modifications to facilitate easier maintenance are also included with this portion of the project.

The replacement of all residential meters aims to reduce the amount of unaccounted for water leaving the City’s WTP.

The final portion of the proposed improvements involves the installation of four (4) large meters at two sites in the City; two (2) at the electric generating station; and two (2) at an apartment complex. Currently, water entering the generating site is unmetered, though there are point of use meters. The proposed installation of two (2) meters, one (1) on each water main entering the site, aim to properly meter all of the water utilized by the site. The meters at the apartment location are also proposed to meter the water being delivered to the on-site private distribution system as opposed to just the point of use meters. As the point of use meters do not meter leaks from the private system, the meters installed on site will provide one measurement for all water delivered to the site, thereby accounting for any losses in the private system.

The City is seeking to fund all three portions of the project through a New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust (NJEIT) loan. ERI is responsible for assisting the City with completion of the NJEIT application and coordination with the NJEIT during construction, as well as for attendance at project meetings with the NJEIT, completion of all required reports, permitting enforcement, SED reporting recruitment for construction, and audits and payment disbursement requirements. The project is currently under NJDEP review.

water filter

Pictured above are the existing water filters at the treatment plant where the media will be replaced.