Phase II – Main Street and Nassau Street Storm Sewer Replacement, Lumberton Township

As Lumberton Township’s Special Project Engineer, ERI’s Rakesh Darji is overseeing the replacement of storm sewer at the rear of properties along Main Street near Nassau Street in the Township of Lumberton.

The purpose of this two-phase project is to combat the excessive drainage issues that were causing flooding at the Buttonwood Preschool’s playground.  Phase I was an emergency repair which involved replacement of 64LF of 12” HDPE pipe, inlet reconstruction, inlet replacement, and trench restoration.

During Phase II, approximately 700 ft of storm sewer pipe was replaced with 18” HDPE storm sewer pipe behind several businesses, including Buttonwood Preschool.  The pipe was diverted around a bus garage, which was built on top of a section of the existing pipe.  In addition, three inlets were replaced, four new manholes were installed, and trench restoration was performed along the entire length.

In addition to providing Construction Management and Inspection services, ERI also performed topographic survey, cleaned and televised the stormwater line, prepared design plans and specifications, as well as provided bidding services.