Helping municipalities, non-profit organizations, and redevelopment organizations apply for HDSRF funds

ERI is working with several Southern New Jersey municipalities to apply for HDSRF.  Pictured here is Glassboro Borough, showing before and after photos of the Town Square.

LSRPs (Licensed Site Remediation Professionals) at ERI are working with several municipalities and non-profits to apply for grants to investigate and remediate contaminated properties. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) manages a Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund (HDSRF) which allows municipalities, non-profit organizations, and redevelopment entities to obtain grants and low-interest loans to investigate and remediate contaminated properties for the purposes of redevelopment or public use.

Municipalities can obtain funds from HDSRF for an existing contaminated site, where the municipality has taken over the property due to a tax foreclosure or are in possession of a tax sale certificate, or have acquired the site for redevelopment or recreation/conservation purposes. Municipalities can also secure funding through the HDSRF, rather than incur the cost directly, in order to perform environmental investigations that are required by the NJDEP Green Acres Program.

Following the guidelines to secure funding from HDSRF may be difficult and perhaps time-consuming for many municipalities, but ERI can help by providing necessary LSRP services and grant funding assistance!

Interested municipalities should contact ERI at 856-235-7170 with any questions or to set up a meeting with one of our LSRPs.