Cliver Park, Eastampton NJ

Enjoy the beautiful weather by visiting Cliver Park in Eastampton, NJ!  ERI’s Stacey Arcari has been working with Eastampton Township to secure grant funding and design multiple phases of improvements at Cliver Park.

To enhance Cliver Park, ERI designed a parking lot expansion and an ADA accessible multi-use path around the entire park. The path provides a connection to Woodcrest Drive and the existing path in the Powell Road open space area. ERI also designed a new, larger ADA accessible playground so it could be enjoyed by all children including those with special needs. The tennis courts at this park were also refurbished.

ERI and Eastampton Township continue to plan for enhancement of the township’s recreational and pedestrian amenities. Last year, the township updated its Concept Plan to include future improvements for Cliver Park such as the rehabilitation of an existing concrete sports court, the rehabilitation of the basketball courts, the construction of a snack shop/maintenance building, the construction of a pedestrian shelter/gazebo, the provision of further internal path connections, landscaping, benches, etc.